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Photo with Santa Every year, Fort Bragg Feed & Pet sponsors “Your Pet’s Photo with Santa” to benefit the Mendocino Coast Humane Society. It is a well attended, popular event and the photos have become real collector’s items for some of our customers. We hold the event far enough before Christmas that the photos are back in plenty of time to allow customers to include them in, or sometimes, on, their Christmas cards. Sometimes family members or friends sneak a pet over to the store for a suprise photo that makes a great gift for the pet owner. It is truly the most fun event of the year!

This photo includes the owners of Fort Bragg Feed & Pet. Cathy, on the left, is holding her Shih-Tzu, Sam. Sam is twin to Ching, being held by Santa. Ching is owned by Cathy’s twin sister, Connie (on the right, holding Connie’s Shih-Tzu, Suki, who is half sister to Sam and Ching). We did mention this is a family business, right?

Group Photo with Santa

Here’s another group that attends often and is always a big hit with employees and spectators alike.

Although the event is more well attended by pets getting photographed with Santa, some of our customers like to join the fun too. Two legs, four legs, we don’t mind, as long as a good time is had by all.

We’ll be posting the date for the 2007 Your Pet’s Photo with Santa Event on this Web site, so don’t forget to check back for the actual date.