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Animal Health - Fort Bragg Feed & PetFort Bragg Feed & Pet

Animal Health

Purina Pig Chow is the best, but you should follow the instructions on the bag!

Fort Bragg Feed & Pet is your source for animal health products on the Mendocino Coast. From horse wormers to flea and tick products, glucosamine and chondroitin supplements to hairball remedies, you won’t find a better inventory of over-the-counter pet and livestock health products. We sell Frontline Plus, Bio-Spot, and Tick Arrest collars as well as shampoos, powders, collars, and sprays. With ticks so prevalent and the West Nile Virus heading our way, prevention is the order of the day and Fort Bragg Feed & Pet can offer advice and solutions to these potential threats to your pet’s and livestock’s health.

Feel free to stop in or call with any questions any time. If we don’t know the answer to your question, we’ll help you find it. We will also make sure you know how to use the products we sell you. For instance, if you buy a spot-on flea control product, be sure you use a non-detergent shampoo or you will wash that product right down the drain the next time you bathe your pet.

From cat food that solves hairball issues to cricket food that gutloads the crickets to make them more nutritious for your gecko, let us help you take the very best care of those most important members of your family. We have been expanding our reptile supply section lately, so let us know what you think of what we have and what you think we should add. We want to hear from you because you are who we are here to please!