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About Us - Fort Bragg Feed & PetFort Bragg Feed & Pet

About Us

Welcome to the only feed store in Mendocino County owned by twins. That is only one of the reasons why it’s twice as fun to shop here!  Located within walking distance of historic Glass Beach and downtown Fort Bragg, we feature top pet foods such as Evo, Natural Balance, Innova and Science Diet as well as toys, chews, biscuits, flea and tick control products, leashes, engraved I.D. tags, grooming products, dog sweaters, dental care, and everything else your pet needs to lead a long, healthy, happy life.  Twin sisters Cathy Rowbottom and Connie Van Curen, and Connie’s husband Gale, own Fort Bragg Feed and Pet, and the business has been in their family for 24 years.