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Click here for pictures of Sam & Ching’s 10th Birthday Party!

Click on the Gold Events button for upcoming sales and events.

The week of June 21st through June 26th is Customer Appreciation Week! We will be having a week-long sale, plus a prize drawing each day for two $25 gift certificates. Why that amount? Well, we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary and we’re owned by twins! No purchase necessary to win, just stop by the store during those dates and fill out a ticket, or click on the money bag above and you can print one out to mail in or bring by. One ticket per person for each of the six days; the drawing will be held at 5:00 p.m. each day.

chick and egg

CHICKS ARE HERE!!! Our brooder is full and we will be rotating different breeds through it for the next couple of months. Beginning sometime in April (middle to late) we will start taking special orders, so keep watching to see what we have. Get your free copy of our own booklet “Let’s Learn Chickens!” This is a helpful guide whether you are starting out or just need a little refresher.

2009’s “Your Pet’s Photo With Santa” Event, which benefitted S.O.S. (Support Our Shelter), on Nov. 14th, was a big hit. Photograher Judy Valadao filled in at the very last second when the original photographer didn’t make it to the event, and she was exceptional. She dropped everything to come to this event, and she took everything in stride (a large snake, a nervous pot-bellied pig, several rounds of “dogs talking loudly,” all with no coffee, no breakfast, no warning! And the pictures are unbelievably good. Please be sure to click on gallery and take a look. You can access Judy’s website at www.judyvaladao.com

Taz foot in mouth

Meet Taz! (above) This beautiful boy was living at the Mendocino County Animal Care Shelter when Connie and Gale heard that his fate was not so secure. Connie decided to go meet Taz, and then she decided to foster him. She fostered him for about fifteen minutes (or maybe a little longer.) Now Taz lives a happy life where he can run and play and even sit on the couch and watch TV! Just goes to show how life can change. One minute a dog is living an uncertain life in a shelter and the next he owns a feed store!



This handsome dog (above) is Bear, an Australian Shephard. His owner, Leilani, Levy, works at our store and Bear comes to work with her everyday. Recently Leilani decorated 100 “pupcakes” (some of which looked just like Bear!) and sold them at the store. She donated all of the money to S.O.S. (Support Our Shelter.) It took Leilani four nights to complete the job by icing 25 pupcakes after work each day. They were quite a hit and tasted as good as they looked! Not long after, she made her mom two dozen Yorkie pupcakes for her birthday! Jade, the Yorkie, is shown with Bear.

Check out more pictures here.

Check out www.TheWorldsUgliestDog.com

During this year’s Paul Bunyan Days, Rascal, an African Sand Dog owned by actor Dane Andrew of Sunnyvale, once again took top prize as the Ugliest Dog in what is believed to be the country’s oldest Ugly Dog Contest, thus scoring a $100 gift certificate from Fort Bragg Feed and Pet. We hope he won’t spend it on beauty products because we would hate to see him not hit the trifecta by losing next year! Of course, Rascal was sporting his patented Hot Dog Leash, and he proudly led a group later in the City’s parade. You go, Rascal and Dane!

Congratulations to PATTY PRICE who won “seven fish-a-swimming in their own tank” from us during KOZT’s “Twelve Day’s of Christmas” contest. Patty was excited to win this tank for her kids. Merry Christmas to the Price Family.

Welcome to the only feed store in Mendocino County owned by twins. That is only one of the reasons why it’s twice as fun to shop here! Located within walking distance of historic Glass Beach and downtown Fort Bragg, we feature top pet foods such as Evo, Natural Balance, Innova and Science Diet as well as toys, chews, biscuits, flea and tick control products, leashes, engraved I.D. tags, grooming products, dog sweaters, dental care, and everything else your pet needs to lead a long, healthy, happy life. Twin sisters Cathy Rowbottom and Connie Van Curen, and Connie’s husband Gale, own Fort Bragg Feed and Pet, and the business has been in their family for 24 years.

If variety is the spice of life, then Fort Bragg Feed and Pet is spicy indeed. We continue to surprise our customers with our ever-changing inventory and just how much we manage to stock. We love keeping up with the times, and our best source of information is you, our customers, so please be sure to hit that CONTACT US BUTTON with suggestions as to how we can improve or update our inventory. Be sure to check out our new page “OTHER PRODUCTS” to find out what’s new and different. Special orders are always welcome. We are all pet lovers here, so we appreciate it when our customers bring a new product to our attention—even the odd items! We all still get a kick out of explaining to new buyers what a bully stick is. Don’t know? Contact button!

Be sure to click on the MONEY BAG above to take advantage of our coupon specials, and listen for our radio ads on KOZT 95.3 FM. Dogs are always welcome in the store and now they can join our BIRTHDAY CLUB CARD program. Once during your dog’s birthday your dog will get one pound of free biscuits from our biscuit bar, 10% off all dog food and supplies, and our friendly staff will even sing Happy Birthday to your best friend! We recently had a Birthday Party for our own Shih-tzus here at the store, and our “Dinner and Dessert For Your Dog” event is always popular, so keep checking here for new dates.

Check out our two community bulletin boards or buy a bag of popcorn for only 50 cents to help support Mendocino County Search and Rescue. This is a year-round fundraiser that we do for them, and it is a delicious good deed!

We get new inventory almost daily and we are proud of our little store. Stop in soon and check us out. Here are a few more of the brands we offer:

Wellness, Merrick, Feline Pine, World’s Best Cat Litter, Farnam, Four Paws, Veterinarian’s Best, DeFlea by Natural Chemistry, NaturVet, Healthy Hair, Life Data Sea Jerky and Sea Flex by Coastside Bio Resources, Kaytee, Volkman, T-Rex, Fluker, Kordon, Lee, Mardel, Hikari, Exo Terra, and Zoo Med,California Natural,Taste of the Wild .

Our friend and employee of 23 years, Melvin Jacobson, passed away on December 29, 2008. Jay Gray sent the following poem in a card, which Cathy read at the graveside service.


A Poem For Melvin by Jay Gray

We lost our friend to God they say, but we know for sure he’s not buckin’ hay

He’ll be back just wait and see, as a dog or a cat or a horse named Flea

He was so special, grumpy or funny, he’d bring me my hay and call me honey.

At the end of the note Jay summed it up best when she said, “I’ll miss that old coot and I know you will, too.”